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About Ryan "Coop D'Ville" Cooper
Get to know more about Coop D'Ville & his Blockchain Consulting Business, D'Ville Crypto Solutions...
How it all started

What we’re working on at D'Ville Crypto Solutions aka DCSCRYPTO:

With more than 9 years of experience in the Crypto industry, I'm very serious about educating individuals and businesses about Cryptocurrency and how to leverage the power of Blockchain technology. As a young entrepreneur, I am in the initial phase of launching my crypto-consultancy company, D'Ville Crypto Solutions. I am also a professional musician (piano - 30+ years, guitar - self taught) and I teach lessons to adults and children with my business D'Ville Productions. Current member of the Government Blockchain Association & Black Blockchain Consultants. Former leading member of the Bowie State University Blockchain Association (BSUBCA). Member of Mousebelt University Program and the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). US Ambassador for 101Blockchains. BA in Computer Technology (Bowie State University - 2007). I previously was an Audio/Media Technician at my alma mater, Bowie State University.

Previously, I was an Internal Auditor / IT Auditor at ARINC (now Rockwell/Collins) with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, government billing, contracts, procurement, export/import controls, configuration management, human resources, workers compensation, travel / expense report compliance, SOX controls, and IT technology (Interested in IT consulting, operational audits, vulnerability assessment, disaster recovery, and forensic auditing. Areas of expertise include Operational, Financial, and IT/IS Auditing.)

Specialties: Audio/Video hardware/software troubleshooting, IT Auditing, operational and routine departmental audits, SharePoint Site Administration, travel / expense report fraud, and SOX implementation / compliance, and entry-level experience in help desk support. My LinkedIn profile is:

Who is Coop D'Ville:

It all began when he used to sneak in his older cousins room in the 80's and listen to Rakim, Gangstarr, & BlackSheep cd's before he even knew what hiphop was. He wanted to do music. It all began when he got his first keyboard and taught himself how to play. Anger gave his talent dedication. Sadness gave his art emotion. Depression gave his music reason. Love allowed his art to be universal. Coop D'Ville has been producing, rapping, playing instruments, and writing and reading poetry since 1987. It didn't get serious until he got a technics organ / workstation. It was over from there. In 1996 he signed a contract with L.T.D. (Love, Togetherness, & Devotion) - former band for Jeffrey Osbourne ("Love Ballad" and "On the Wings of Love") - and this is where he learned many core business lessons in the music industry. He has done shows with Chaka Kahn, Phil Perry, Musiq Soulchild, The Dells, Tank, Force MD's, Al Johnson (Euniphics), Kandi Johnson (XSCAPE), Tony Tone Tony, & Freddie Jackson just to name a few. In less than a year after signing with L.T.D., he found him self in a Bayshore NYC recording studio working with Wu-tang affiliated rap group the Gravediggaz (Poetic and Frukwan).

Unaware of his potential and lacking legal counsel, he turned down a recording contract with Sharpshooters productions and decided to further his education @ Bowie State University. Eventually, he stopped performing with L.T.D. when legal problems arose with the use of the name L.T.D. and decided to make Hiphop & R&B production his main focus. He met numerous individuals at Bowie State University that helped shape his art and musical influences. Eventually, the ills of life and deep thought clouded his mind with the death of his mother and no spiritual guidance. After many nights of enlightenment, loneliness, and strong desire, he found knowledge of self. Since the inception of his talent, he has subonciously attracted his entire family of friends to musical expression and he now stands with a very strong empire that supports him. He is multi-talented and plays the piano, guitar (electric, classical, bass, & electric acoustic), keyboards, and turn tables. Overall, he wants to share the thoughts, dreams, nightmares, and situations he has been through - the days where he got closer with death, and the nights where he had crazy beautiful moments with heaven. Listen, and understand...prepare for new data to drop soon...

I'm currently living in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area. Working a 9 to 5, playing video games when I get time, investing in crypto and working on my businesses, making beats on this Technics Organ Workstation, Audacity, this Akai MPK Mini, & playing keyboard and guitar.

Currently, I'm working on my highly anticipated debut music NFT album, "The Uncouth Coup". The album is a reflection of my journey so far, with lyrics that speak on my struggles and triumphs with fatherhood, racism, and real shyt. I'm also collaborating with other artists/producers from the Beatkonductaz collective to create new and exciting sounds. []D.e.A.c.E.

~ Coop D'Ville (https://bio.site/dcscrypto)

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